1. Tenant shall NOT house any pets of any kind.
2. No Smoking (including e-cigarettes or vapes) is allowed inside the building. If a Tenant does smoke outside the unit, all butts and tobacco debris is to be cleaned and discarded safely and without littering the property.
3. Tenant shall keep premises in Good Condition.
4. Tenant shall NOT interfere with other tenant’s premises.
5. Tenant shall pay rent promptly on the due date.
6. Tenant shall not make any alterations to the premises without written permission of the owner and/or landlord.
7. Tenant shall keep proper liability, fire and/or other damage insurance on the contents of the premises leased.
8. Tenants shall not receive a refund of the damage deposit until landlord is certain that the premises are free of damages upon the surrender of the premises.
9. No tenant shall interfere in any manner with any portion either of the heating or lighting or other apparatus in or about the building.
10. Automobiles or any type vehicle must be kept within the lines established in the parking areas and must be in operating condition.
11. Sanitary napkins and/or any type of feminine hygiene product shall not be deposited in toilets and will be disposed of properly with other waste matter refuse.
12. Tenant shall be responsible for closing of windows in his or her apartment during storms or inclement winds to avoid damage.
13. Doors to apartments and General Living spaces shall be kept closed at all times.
14. Owner shall have the right to inspect apartment at reasonable times.
15. There will be no door-to-door soliciting of any kind on said premise.
16. Owner shall furnish extra keys and replace lost keys for $10.00 each. Upon expiration of lease, tenant shall account for all keys delivered by owner.
17. Owner reserves the right to change any of the foregoing rules by rescinding or amending, or to make such other rules or regulations as are deemed necessary to provide for the comfort and  convenience of all tenants, and for the safety, care, proper maintenance and cleanliness of the premises.
18. Tenant shall not use any tints or dyes in the washing and drying machine units. Please follow operating instructions and report any difficulty whatsoever.
19. Please advise owner promptly of any malfunctions or difficulties, so that repairs and/or adjustments can be made at the least inconvenience to you.
20. Nothing shall be attached to walls or woodwork except on cork board walls except if a stick-on type fastener or small nail angle hangers are used.
21. All mail deliveries that are not able to be placed in mail center shall be picked up immediately and brought inside to avoid any possible accident or theft.
22. It is recommended that garbage disposal covers be kept in open drain position when not in use. Please run cold water during the process of operating the disposal until it is fully clear of debris
and turned off. Please do not attempt to insert corn cobs, bottle caps, glass, pins, foil, crockery, rugs, strings or paper into the disposal. Clogged disposals will be unclogged and/or repaired at
tenants expense.


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